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The Plate Carrier Recommendation Guide

Members of the Air Force Special Operation’s 23rd Special Tactics Squad train in Amman, Jordan, in May 2017. (Mass Communication Specialist 2nd Class Christopher Lange / U.S. Navy)

The Plate Carrier Recommendation Guide

There’s tactical trash all over the internet — some misleading, some confusing, and some completely untrue. Let me be your filter.

Today, let’s break down the intricacies of Plate Carriers with a guide curated just for you. 

Plate Carriers (PCs) are the equipment that holds your body armor in place. The carriers we are discussing come from valued feedback from Military Operators serving in Afghanistan, Iraq, and Syria as well as Law Enforcement personnel and all the other three-letter agencies (DEA, CIA, FBI, DHS).

The best PCs are made up of proprietary materials by each of their respected companies; synthetic, nylon, laminated, and hydrophobic. The high-quality PCs are laser cut and allow MOLLE (Modular Lightweight Load-carrying Equipment) attachments. MOLLE was developed in 1997 by U.S. Army Soldier Systems Center and is used as a system to attach “tactical accouterments” (pouches) wherever the end-user desires to put them. 

Plate Carriers have a base price, but to get it to an operational standard they’re going to require additional accessories. 

  1. Pouches: Pouches come in all different shapes and sizes. The stow magazines, flashlights, multitools, range finders, IR pointers, NVGs, Lickie Chewies, Dip, grenades and so much more.
  2. Cummerbunnds: Some companies allow you to choose your cummerbund but often they offer a minimalistic cummerbund which doesn’t allow any side pouches to be added. An additional expense may be purchasing a cummerbund with MOLLE or one with pouches built into the elastic cummerbund. 
  3. Back Pannel: Plate Carriers mostly come standard with zippers on the backplate carrier pouch to allow for different back panels to attach or detach rapidly. Back Pannels are sets of pouches usually made by the manufacturer of the plate carrier, but often they are interchangeable between brands.   
  4. Placards: Placards are modular pouches for the front of the Plate Carrier. It’s an ingenious design using clips, buckles, or “G hooks”, to rapidly switch out different placards depending on the mission. 

The Evolution of Plate Carrier Materials

Plate Carriers have evolved using lighter materials, minimalistic and elastic cummerbunds, weight-bearing distribution systems, and better designs for breathability and mobility. All PCs are not created equal. 

The best Plate Carriers deliver interchangeability, durability, customization, and the adaptability you need to perform different mission sets from Infil to Exfil.

In this two-part series, we will be going over twelve total Plate Carriers (covering six in each series). PC’s are designed with different end-user input. These PC’s are not ranked and not in any order and they provide the aspects I’m looking for in a tactical kit. I’m going to give you some options, but you will determine the best PC for you and your mission set.

Crye Precision - JPC 2.0

Price: $241.90 - Plate Carrier Only
© Photos by Crye Precision

Company Summary

Crye Precision has been the gold standard for military running gear for all of GWOT.

“Crye Precision designs and manufactures truly innovative equipment for American’s fighting forces.” (Crye Precision, 2020)

Plate Carrier Summary

The JPC 2.0 is a lightweight plate carrier that offers a skeleton cummerbund that allows pouches to be mounted on the inside or the outside. The skeleton cummerbund offers increased ventilation and reduces weight–, a win-win. Crye also has a ton of pouch and panel options for customizing this PC. Remember, no PC setup is perfect for everyone, different mission sets, different jobs, all determine the way a kit is set up. Crye’s accessories allow everyone to get their setup exactly how they want it. If you dig this kit, you’ll be wearing the same plate carrier the majority of the Special Operations community wears to war.

© Photos by Crye Precision

This kit is minimal but still provides the real estate needed for every mission set. Assaulters, Breachers, Medics, and even JTAC have enough room on this Plate Carrier to meet all of their needs. You can easily fit the standard three 5.56 pouches across the front panel, sneak in two PRC 152 radios behind the cummerbund, rock the EUD (mission cell-phone), slide a sweet under the belly pouch, holster up as many tourniquets as your heart desires, and still have enough room for an IFAC, Laser Range Finders, SATCOM antennas, IR pointer, a general use pouch, and a full zip-on panel on the back.


  1. Material: High-performance stretch material that allows for plates of varying thickness 
  2. Cummerbund: Low-profile cummerbund attachment that provides maximum adjustability and allows for chest expansion as needed 
  3. Weight: Just over 1lb
  4. Carrier Accessories:
    1. Easy 2-step emergency doffing capability 
    2. Drag handle that supports up to 400 lb
    3. Zippers along the sides of the back carrier for zip-on panels
© Photos by Crye Precision

The JPC is a great kit for short operations. It’s super minimal with very is nice, but also it has no padding. I would look into the PIG brig shoulder pads, and pontoons if you plan on spending longer lengths of time in it, especially if you are going to be laying in prone. Another add on that I love is the GMR kydex retentions for the kangaroo mag pouch…. Overall the JPC is high quality, durable option. It should serve you well.” (jman0916, 2020)

Situation Recommendation

The JPC 2.0 will work for 90% of every situation in the tactical environment. I’ve seen Team Leaders, JTACs, Assaulters, Breachers, Medics, conduct missions in Iraq and Afghanistan using the JPC. It sheds the excess weight you don’t need in legacy Plate Carriers and provides breathability in the desert heat. There are thousands of different Plate Carrier Accessories that will work with the JPC which makes it incredibly customizable.

The other 10% that may give you some trouble is an extended multi-day mission. To be fair, any PC will have issues, but due to the minimalistic nature of the JPC 2.0, it can wear on you. The other situation that may pose an issue is the ability to rapidly switch from a tactical load-out to a low profile under the flannel loadout. Switching out the three-row MOLLE skeleton cummerbund, which is loaded with tactical goodies, to minimal cummerbund is definitely going to be a pain. If you don’t have a placard system in place it may prove difficult to remove excess Carrier Accessories off the front of your plate as well.

Recommended Add-ons

AXL - Adaptive Vest Placard (AVP) for Crye JPC & MOLLE Carriers

The Adaptive Vest Placard enables your JPC to utilize front placards and chest rigs from innovative Tactical Companies such as Spiritus Systems, Haley Strategic, Velocity Systems, Mayflower, Ferro Concepts, Esstac Daeodon, and many more

© Photos by AXL (

Crye Precision Add-ons

© Photos by Crye Precision

Direct Action - Spitfire Mk II Plate Carrier

Price: $239.00 - Plate Carrier Only
© Photos by Direct Action

Company Summary

Direct Action designs and manufactures high quality running gear by understanding the specific needs of the end-users, Special Operations Forces. 

“When creating DIRECT ACTION® every detail was rigorously thought-out from this systemic perspective – no random choices, no compromises, no “same-old-stuff” design approach, no shying away from new technology – and all based on the firsthand, real world experience of elite special operations units.” (Direct Action, 2020)

Plate Carrier Summary

The Spitfire Mk II, named after the iconic WWII British Fighter aircraft, has the design and functionality to be iconic in its own right. The quality is magnificent and the price point is the second-lowest of the plates we will discuss in Part 1. The Spitfire is Laser-Cut and expertly designed. The front panel has attachments that are compatible with Mayflower/Velocity systems placards and the Spiritus Systems Micro Fight Chassis MK4.

© Photos by Direct Action

The Back panel zipper attachment system is compatible with the Crye Precision AVS standard. The standard cummerbund for the Mk II is a minimalistic elastic cummerbund. All of the Spitfire’s cummerbunds are easy to adjust and having multiple cummerbunds for different uses is highly recommended. With the numerous PC accessories, back panels, cummerbund options, and the ability to utilize other tactical equipment company’s products, you’ll be able to customize to fit your needs.


  1. Material: Made of Cordura® 500D fabric and proprietary laminate
  2. Cummerbund: Minimalistic cummerbund included; various accessory cummerbunds
  3. Weight: 0.9 lbs
  4. Carrier Accessories:
    1. Front buckles for attaching flaps or chest rigs; buckles compatible with Mayflower®/Velocity Systems standard
    2. Back zippers compatible with Crye Precision AVS standard
    3. PTT mounting points
© Photos by Direct Action

“The plate carrier is a simple base when you get it but it is so easy to personalize and build into the ideal plate that my job requires. I recommend it. I’ve been using Direct Action products for 3 years, can’t recommend (them) enough…” (Marc C, 2020)


Situation Recommendation

Direct Action’s Spitfire Mk II Plate Carrier is a stud. I think they have thought of everything with this carrier. It’s super light-weight weighing less than a pound and they’ve made it interchangeable with other companies like Crye Precision, Mayflower/Velocity Systems, Haley Strategic, and Spiritus Systems.

The long-duration missions may cause an issue but I think it can serve well for almost every scenario. With the quick disconnect clips, you can switch out placards with ease based on your job for that mission. You can go from carrying the Spiritus System Micro Field Chassis MK4 loaded out as an assaulter to the Haley Strategic D3CRM Micro Placard loaded out as a breacher. The cummerbund is velcroed to the front and back of the plate carrier which makes it easy to drop and switch your cummerbund setup. You can move with ease from a tactical loadout to a low profile loadout.

Recommended Add-ons

© Photos by Haley Strategic | Spiritus Systems | Velocity Systems

Direct Action Add-ons

  1. SPITFIRE MK II Rapid Access Cummerbund®
  2. SPITFIRE MK II Elastic Cummerbund®
  3. SPITFIRE Triple Rifle Magzine Flap
  4. SPITFIRE MK II Underpouch®
  5. SPITFIRE MK II Slick Carbine Mag Flap®
  6. SPITFIRE Shotgun Shell Flap
  7. SPITFIRE MK II Utility Back Panel
© Photos by Direct Action

Ferro Concepts - The Slickster

Price: $157.95 - Plate Carrier Only
© Photos by Ferro Concepts

Company Summary

Ferro Concepts makes super high quality running gear for Military and Law enforcement. They have awesome Plate Carriers, Chest Rigs, Pouches and Accessories. 

“We have an obsession for redefining the new standard in tactical equipment. In other words: we make the best gear for the toughest jobs: Armed Forces and Law Enforcement Professionals.” (Ferro Concepts, 2020)

Plate Carrier Summary

The Slickster is a super lightweight minimalist Plate Carrier. You can rock this thing slick as a solo plate carrier or build it out with a ton of accessories in Ferro Concepts ADAPT Line. It is one of the cleanest kits I have ever seen. Love at first sight. The big selling points for me on the Slickster is the ease of adjustment on the cummerbund and the elasticity of the cummerbund. It allows for a really tight fit and compact fit. Additionally, Ferro Concepts has a few different cummerbund options to include one with built-in pouches or MOLLE.

© Photos by Ferro Concepts

There is solid real-estate on this kit, and with the ADAPT pouch accessories or Spiritus System chest rig this kit could be utilized for many different mission sets without a complete overhaul.

Ferro Concepts Slickster doesn’t come with MOLLE attachments. If you wanted to add more to your plate carrier system Ferro Concepts has molle placards and a very wide variety of ADAPT pouch accessories will probably cover all of your tactical needs. If not you can use a wide variety of other products that have MOLLE backing. I’m personally a big fan of the Dangler’s offered and as a guy who relied on comms, Ferro Concepts PTT retainers are clutch. For inside the cummerbund radio pouches they have the Wingman V2. Needless to say, Ferro Concepts has got you covered. 


  1. Material: Laser-cut slots on the laminated chest to attach ADAPT flaps as well as most chest rigs using ITW QASM buckles (sold separately)
    1. Laminated shoulder straps
    2. Mesh-lined plate bags to maximize comfort and breathability
  2. Cummerbund: Carry Elastic Cummerbund (CEC) that can accommodate 5.56 and 7.62 magazines, smoke, flashbang, radio, tourniquet, and others (4 cells on each side). Adjustable with hook and loop front and rear
  3. Weight: 0.8 lbs (402g)
  4. Carrier Accessories:
    1. Loop Velcro on the chest and back allow for call-sign patches to be added
    2. Includes shoulder strap adjustment tool which, although not necessary for adjustment, helps aid in quick sizing
© Photos by Ferro Concepts

Situation Recommendation

The Ferro Concepts Slickster should definitely be your carrier of choice if you are working in a low profile environment. If you’re working private security or law enforcement and need a carrier that’s comfortable and low profile, this is for you. This carrier is going to be the most cost-effective for the low profile environment of the PCs in this article. A positive of this PC is its ability to go from a low profile to a tactical loadout quickly if necessary. Ferro Concepts and “G Hook” placard system allows for rapid placard installment. 

The Slickster has an elastic cummerbund that you can put rifle magazines or anything of that size into quickly. Ferro Concepts also makes placards that can be installed in an instant if you need some more firepower upfront but don’t want it on your kit at all times. The AXL AVP ($29.95) allows you to outfit placards from Haley Strategic, Spiritus Systems, Velocity Systems, and many more. (**note you have to have the ADAPT chest panel MOLLE to use the AXL AVP)

Recommended Add-ons

Ferro Concepts: ADAPT Chest Panel - MOLLE

Crucial for EUD (End-User-Device)

Ferro Concepts: Wingman V2

Dual Comm Radio Pouches

Ferro Concepts: The Dangler

Danglers are great! They stay out of the way and offer quick storage for “lickee chewies.”

Placard Add-ons

Ferro Concepts: ADAPT KTAR Front Flap

Add the standard 3x 5.56 placard for your AR15 platform

Ferro Concepts ADAPT Kangaroo Front Flap

Designed to use Ferro Concepts magazine inserts

AXL: Adaptive Vest Placard (AVP)

Add your favorite placard from Haley Strategic (D3CRM Micro), Spiritus Systems (Micro Fight Chassis MK4) and many more

Spiritus Systems - LV-119

Price: $364.75 - note this was my PC build (see below)
  1. $104.95 LV-119 Front Overt Plate Bag
  2. $109.95 LV-119 Back Overt Plate Bag
  3. $69.95 Elastic Velcro Cummerbund
  1. $59.95 Placard 5.56 x .45
  2. $19.95 Shoulder Cover – Tri-fold
© Photos by Spiritus Systems

Company Summary

“All of our equipment is designed with an end state in mind. We spend time with users of various walks of life to form an educated and accurate picture of their needs. Our design philosophy calls on our own military service, user feedback and experience, as well as our advanced United States based manufacturing techniques to bring quality equipment to the marketplace.” (Spiritus Systems, 2020)


Plate Carrier Summary

I dig this setup! If you are someone that likes to tinker, then this kit is for you. It’s not like purchasing or getting issued a standard PC. You get to build it. You can choose between over or covert Front and Rear panels and between four different cummerbunds. Elastic Built-in pouches or MOLLE straps that cut access materials. You can also cross-pollinate between Overt and Covert front and back Plate bags. This is actually a pretty sweet deal. Let’s say you are always running multi-day missions and you need to wear a three-day pack. You can rock the Overt Front Plate Bag and the Back Covert Plate bag, the back cover bag is completely slick so you won’t be getting anything caught on extra MOLLE, zippers, etc.

© Photos by Spiritus Systems

With the LV-119 you can use my personal favorite carrier accessories Micro Fight Chest Rig. Or any of your other favorite placards like the Haley Strategic D3CRM Micro. Spiritus System also thinks about the guys that have to deal with the nightmare of comms, the Front Overt Plate Bag comes with a PTT loop on both sides. However you set this Plate Carrier up, so I suggest you use the Spiritus System philosophy and design with the end state in mind.

They created a very modular kit that can be utilized now and in the future. With the solid foundation of the LV-119 you can utilize multiple different mission sets by changing out the placards and cummerbunds.



  1. Material: Unknown – but it’s high-quality
  2. Cummerbund: Choose between 4 cummerbunds options
    1. Elastic Velcro Cummerbund
    2. MOLLE Tubes Cummerbund
    3. MOLLE Velcro Cummerbund
    4. Single Strap Velcro Cummerbund
  3. Weight: Unknown – but it’s lightweight
  4. Carrier Accessories:
    1. Placard and Chest Rig Integration.
    2. Each O V E R T front plate bag comes standard with a PTT/Porkchop Loop on either side.
    3. Communication Cable Routing.

© Photos by Spiritus Systems

“Very quality made product and great modular design. I was blown away by the weight considering how rugged the PC is. I run gear very hard and this carrier will last!” (Garrett, 2020)

Situation Recommendation

If I was in charge of the supply budget for a day I would get everyone on the team the Spiritus Systems OVERT and COVERT “Plate Bags” enabling them to build out a tactical load-out and a low profile load-out. The attachments and tactical accouterments could be swapped with ease from each carrier. This is a concept that I think should be played out for teams or individuals that cater to those low profile environments. 

I’m a huge fan of the LV-119 and the modularity that the Spiritus System provides. You can set this system up to be effective in a deployed environment and meet every mission set. With the COVERT setup, it is perfect for Law Enforcement that needs to run a Plate Carrier constantly. If a circumstance presents itself adding a placard to any of the Spiritus System COVERT Front Plate Bags can get you the tactical tools you need for the situation. Comparing it to Ferro Concepts Slickster, the Spiritus Systems LV-119 is a bit pricer of a build for the COVERT setup, coming in at $246.80 compared to the $157.95 price of the Slickster. 

Recommended Spiritus Systems Add-ons

© Photos by Spiritus Systems

S&S Precision - Plateframe Modular

Price: The Plateframe Modular: Call for Price, The Plate Frame they offer is $472.35
© Photos by S&S Precision

Company Summary

S&S Precision is a Veteran-owned small business established in 2007. Its focus is the Plate Frame Modular, designing and engineering some of the best running gear for specialized military units and law enforcement.

“We focus on solving end-users’ problems and developing solutions such as specialized gear and equipment for tactical and operational missions for elite forces all over the world. If we can’t be out there on the front line, then the S&S Precision team wants to do everything it can to make it better for those who are. Real innovation for real warriors. We’ll innovate, you fight.” (S&S Precision, 2020)

Plate Carrier Summary

The Plateframe Modular is probably one of the coolest looking PC’s out there. It’s definitely got a different, somewhat futuristic, look to it. This Plate Carrier is a minimalist, low profile carrier. The PC is made out of is a Hydrophobic Material similar to carbon fiber, and plates are seen through the cutouts of the semi-rigid frame. The frame allows for easy attachment of S&S’s line of accessories and also standard MOLLE pouches. One of the coolest features, (besides almost everything about this plate), is the Autofit cummerbund.

The Autofit Cummerbund is definitely a game-changer, it maintains constant tension. Contracting or expanding based on what activity you are doing. You don’t want a loose kit, but you don’t want your kit so tight that you can’t take full breaths while maneuvering.

© Photos by S&S Precision

 “Engineered to optimize comfort, performance, and modularity, the PF-M™ delivers a Dynamic Thoracic Load Bearing Distribution System. This Patent Pending system distributes the tactical load across/around the upper torso and not solely on the trapezius muscle. The benefits: zero load shift, consistent load management, reduced energy consumption, unrestricted locomotion mechanics and increased safety during climbing & dynamic movements.” (S&S Precision, 2020)

The plates don’t slide into a pouch, like your standard PCs. You’re definitely going to want to set some time aside to set this up. This is a positive feature as you’ll know this carrier better than any other one you’ve ever owned.


  1. Material: Hydrophobic Material – Light Material | Semi-Rigid Construction 
  2. Cummerbund: Autofit Cummerbund™ – Maintains consistent tension throughout the most demanding and dynamic movements
  3. Weight: Unknown, but the S&S PlateFrame is 1lb 6oz
  4. Carrier Accessories:
    1. E-Buckles™ – For rapid donning & doffing at left/right shoulder & cummerbund
    2. Integrated Interior Load Bearing Wings – Monolithic semi-rigid load-bearing wing for mounting radios
    3. Wings built-in for radios – on either side which is a nice feature because it keeps the PRC152’s off your hips
    4. Engraved Logo – Get your Operating Initials or Team, Troop, Group, or Company logo laser engraved on the chest of these plates
© Photos by S&S Precision

Situation Recommendation

This is definitely the most unique Plate Carrier that we’ve gone over. The plates are exposed and become as much of the Plate Carrier as the external components. The other differentiator from the other PCs is the autofit cummerbund. The Autofit cummerbund is a dream for assaulters as they rapidly approach a target building. To be honest, it’s really a perfect fit for anyone, it maintains continuous tension as the body dynamically moves. S&S really crushed it when designing this kit. The load-bearing distribution distributes the tactical load across the whole upper torso not just straining on the shoulders and traps. 

The benefits of the Autofit Cummerbund and the Dynamic Thoracic Load Bearing Distribution System is it creates a safer, less injury-prone, and more versatile operator. 

If you are conducting some training that requires a kit but doesn’t require plates and you’re wanting to drop them for weight reduction, shoulder or back issues, this PC may be a bit troublesome. The Plates don’t slide into a pouch-like the other carriers but rather it’s entwined with the carrier itself. It doesn’t make for a quick process. 

One of the features I really dig on this PC is the load-bearing wings on both sides of the front carrier. It keeps the PRC 152s off of your hips which can be brutal for a more slender guy. Another point to keep in mind is cord management. EUDs (End-User Device), batteries and charging cables, Mastodon antennas, PTT cords, all need to go somewhere. I’m sure with some zip-ties and ingenuity you’ll find a solution.

Recommended S&S Add-ons

  1. Gear Retention Track ELOS 5.56 Plate Frame
  2. Triple M4 Stackable Pouch
  3. Fliplite
  4. SOCS – Pair (Ballistic Plate Cover)
  5. Half Rapid Attachment Panel
  6. Radio Pouch for Plate Frame 

© Photos by S&S Precision

Velocity Systems - Scarab LT

Price: $317.00 - Plate Carrier Only
© Photos by Velocity Systems

Company Summary

Velocity Systems was founded in 2007 to fulfill the need for high performing armor, in a rapid response time. They’ve been serving the Special Operations community and Law Enforcement ever since. 

Mayflower Design, founded by a Special Operations Veteran, partnered with Velocity Systems in 2007 to deliver “high-performance tactical nylon for the “military athlete”. Their philosophy to trim “…unnecessary weight off of the warfighter’s load by analyzing each piece of load carriage equipment for lighter but still durable alternatives, and incorporating hybrid designs to meet rapidly changing TTP and environmental factors.” (Velocity Systems, 2020)

Mayflower Design was acquired by Velocity Systems in 2014 and Mayflower’s founder still remains the designer for all of Mayflower’s branded products.

Plate Carrier Summary

The Velocity Scarab LT is a Plate Carrier you can pull from the package and get it fitting right with little effort. It features a unique design of swivel shoulder straps with D-ring attachments. The narrow shoulder straps with the swivel design ensure the shoulder straps will sit correctly on you, no matter how jacked you are. The shoulder straps also have a cover that allows you to hide your comms equipment and your Mastodon Design Antennas.

© Photos by Velocity Systems

Interchangeability is effortless with Velocity Systems SwiftClip® design. The ability to switch out your front plate panel setup is clutch when switching different mission sets.   

“SwiftClip® is Velocity Systems’ attachment system that allows auxiliary equipment (Chest Rigs, Med Bags, E&E Bags, etc.) to swiftly clip on or off your base component whether it’s your armor vest, plate carrier, LBV, etc.” (Velocity Systems, 2020)


  1. Material: Unknown
  2. Cummerbund: Three (3) Cummerbund Options: SCARAB™ LT/LE Cummerbund, Low-Profile Elastic Cummerbund (CBN1) Molle, Plate Pocket Cummerbund (CBN6)
  3. Weight: Unknown
  4. Carrier Accessories:
    1. Patented swivel shoulder straps with D-ring attachments
    2. Narrow ULTRAcomp™ Shoulder Straps
© Photos by Velocity Systems

“I’ve been wearing body armor and plate carriers for over twenty years and I can genuinely say that this is the best breathing most comfortable carrier I have ever worn. The ventilation is superb and the freedom of movement associated with the shoulder straps is extraordinary. The attention to detail and stitching is readily apparent as well.” (Scotty G, 2018)

Situation Recommendation

The Velocity Systems Scarab LT is one of the more substantial Plate Carriers on the list. It was definitely built for the tactical environment and will serve you well on the extended multi-day missions. If you’re looking for a kit that is comfortable, interchangeable, and can be loaded down with Plate Carrier Accessories this is your kit. The Velocity Attachment system allows you to switch out placards effortlessly and the swivel shoulder straps will ensure your kit is sitting comfortably.

Recommended Placard Add-ons

© Photos by Haley Strategic | Spiritus Systems | Velocity Systems

Recommended Velocity System Add-ons

© Photos by Velocity Systems

The Plate Carrier Recommendation Guide

I hope this article provided some new insight into different tactical companies and what to look for in a solid Plate Carrier. What I look for in a PC is interchangeability, durability, customization, and adaptability. I want to use the same plate carrier whether I’m going to the range, training, conducting single POD (period of darkness) missions, or multi-day missions.

Carrier Recommendation Recap

Single POD: JPC 2.0, Spitfire MK II, PlateFrame Modular
Low Profile: The Slickster, LV-119 Covert
All-Around Tactical: LV-119 Overt, PlateFrame Modular, The Slickster
Multi-Day Missions: LV-119 Overt, PlateFrame Modular, Velocity Scarab LT

These are PC’s that I have found through my 10 years in Special Operations to be from highly reputable brands. My *recommendations*, may not fit everyone’s needs with budget, being a major factor. But this should give you a starting point and ways to critique other brands of  Plate Carriers. Stay tuned for Part II with six other Plate Carrier recommendations.

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