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Using the Bridge Athletic platform, The Peak Performance team can deliver customized training programs directly to our military, LEO, fire and first responders. Your training schedule can be flexible and easily accessed daily on your phone. Our SOF coaches design programs that maximize your performance, enhance movement quality and prepare you for whatever life throws at you. Join us in training remotely so we can begin accomplishing your goals together.


Train Anywhere

Train remotely utilizing the most advanced strength and conditioning software on the market.  Our team of premier SOF coaches will deliver your training program via Bridge Athletic and each program will contain videos and instructions that walk you through the training sessions step by step so you can obtain results similar to what you expect from personalized 1 on 1 training.

"The Peak Performance paired with the BridgeAthletic app is a perfect combo. I'm able to take expert coaches with me on the road. With the video instructions I always know I'm doing the movement correctly. This is a no brainer."

USAF SOF Operator

Track Everything

You will have full access to your exercise history, performance improvement and your daily readiness so you can monitor your progress. You can communicate seamlessly within the app with your coach.

“The Peak Performance programing on the BridgeAthletic app allows me to stay connected with an elite coach, no matter where and when I need to train."

Louisville Metro Police Officer


Seamless Communication

In app communication will ensure nothing is lost with distance. Use BridgeAthletic’s Team Stream to direct message your trainer with any questions, comments or updates. Keep the conversation going by leaving a note, video or photo attached to exercises so your trainer can assess form and answer questions.

"The Peak Performance staff is insanely qualified. Do the workouts and trust the programming. You'll feel healthier, stronger, faster, and more mobile than ever before.

USASOC Operator

The Peak Performance programming and Bridge Athletic combo is a game changer. You now have direct access to some of the top coaches that train SOF Operators in a platform that delivers it straight to your smartphone.

programMed by sof coaches

The coaches have years of experince. This is your chance to access it all.

Performance metrics

Chart every rep and set of your exercise history to track progress

Performance Trends

Daily Performance Survey tracks your weight, sleep, nutrition, & hydration.

Built for your needs

Access your training through our native iOS, Android, or tablet apps

"The Peak Performance programs have given me so much confidence in the gym. I know the program I'm doing is made by some of the best fitness coaches in the world. No more wandering if I'm using correct form, any exercise I didn't know how to do I have an example of in the app through the video tutorials. It is so easy, follow the program, get the results."

Ryan Mathews customer since 2019

The Peak Performance coaches can track your progress, optimize performance, help mitigate injuries, and stay on top of your daily recovery by monitoring sleep, nutrition and soreness.